What to do with my worst fears?
What messages am I ignoring?
What am I not trying to face bravely?
What am I not seeing that's important?
What I need to recognize and understand?
What are they doing right now that concerns me?
What do I constantly deny?
What should be done with what's being rejected?
How do I know if I am seeing an illusion?
How do I know if I am seeing a lie?
What do I need to try to escape from?
What do I have to rightfully defend?
What things are being withheld from me?
What's to be feared the most in life?
What do I feel of how am I being used?
What should I do of why am I being attacked?
What do I need to defend myself from today?
What's shifting and changing in my life?
What are they masking and hiding from me?
What do I need to prepare for today?
What do I need to leave behind to carry on?
What do I need to pay attention to and should look out for?
What circumstance is being sabotaged?
What does the dead have to tell me?
What will I discover in the next phase of my life?
What have I forgotten or overlooked in this life?
What situation should I fully trust?
How do you see this issue affecting me?
What am I ignoring in my life that affects me?
What situations am I not seeing?
What's holding me back that I can't move forward?
What could easily trip me up?
What are the obstacles I am likely to encounter as I move on?
What's negative most likely to come up?
What situations can't I control?
What's being refused that's holding me back?
How could I possibly control my fear of heights?