What has been lost in the issue and what to do with it?
What are they getting away with under the circumstance?
What problems are being exposed?
What's forcing the issue to surface?
What's the source of the problem I am facing now?
What issue is being manipulated that affects me?
What's the information I am missing or have neglected?
What's being kept secret from me?
What's covered up in this situation?
What's the deeper meaning to this conflict?
What's to be repaired in this situation?
What's been unleashed that gives me hope?
What shouldn't I do about the problem?
What situations are getting out of hand?
How do I deal with this problem without regrets?
What do I need to know of why was this created?
How do I face and solve this problem?
What will happen if I do this and what are my options?
What's clouding my judgment under the circumstance?
What's likely to remain out of control?
What's obvious and important event?
What is the obvious pattern in this issue?
What is behind the deception and why?
What events are being distorted?
How do I feel about the evidence?
What are they guilty of at this time?
What am I not in touch with lately?
What situation is being kept from the collective?
Should I stay focus and not worry on the problems I got?