What is Palmistry?

Take a look at the lines and mounts on your hand.

Do you see your life line, love line, and heart line?

Your handprint may hold the key to your future, your happiness, and the successes or failures you might experience in life.

The study of the palm, also known as palm reading or chirology,

can give you a glimpse into what the future holds,

helping you to prepare or simply become aware.

It's fascinating how Palmistry also makes reference to Astrology. .... Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro) was a Psychic and Clarivoyant proficient in Palmistry (chirology), the Horoscope as determined by an Astrological Chart and Chaldean Numerology. Hence you may see similarities of these arts in the chart above. It shows some of the connections between Astrology and what the Palmist (with a well trained eye) will look for in your hands. How can we use the Palms as in Palm Reading to understand our Future ? ....

Cheiro was a famous Astrologer and Palmist (this is his nickname of course).

He made amazingly accurate predictions even dabbling in world events.

Cheiro died in 1936 in Hollywood. October 8.

Palmistry is a method of knowing about Health issues even before they fully manifest. .... The Count (Louis Hamon ) was born November 1, 1866. He was a renouned Palmist whose real name was William John Warner. He was born in Ireland. Cheiro was his other name he was most known by. He "Read" for the celebrities of the day in the early part of the 20th Century. Cheiro rubbed shoulders with people like Joseph Chamberlain Prince of Wales Thomas Edison and Oscar Wilde to name a few. Palm Reading is based on psychic insight Do the lines in your Hand mean anything or are they just clues which bring forth psychic intuition ? .... Chiromancy is sometimes spelled cheiromancy and Chirologists practise the art and science of reading Palms to divine future events. A palm reader sees your handprint for what it's worth—a look into your future related to love and attraction, your mindset, your physical health, and happiness. Palmistry tells Your Future Tarot Palm Reading Astrology and Numerology can be combined for a genuine Reading fortelling the future. ..... Palmists delve into your life's greatest opportunities and darkest challenges, fame, scandal, and much more. Find out the answers to your deepest desires, overcome your greatest fears, or seek information about your current place in life. Choose a psychic well versed in palmistry to guide you through your fate.

Ever wondered where you'll be in 10 years time?
If you are struggling to make a big important life decision, then it is about time for you to learn palmistry and to discover how palm reading can help you to make those decisions correctly every time.
These days, it's fair to say that you simply don't know what is laying in wait for you around the corner.
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Being able to look into the future means that you can plan for what tomorrow holds, today.
How many times in life have you looked back and wished that you had seen something coming? With our online palm reading guide you need never experience that sinking feeling again. Our highly experienced chirology experts will deliver clear palm reading instructions that will help you get the most accurate and informative hand reading possible anywhere.
The truth is that even the smallest decisions can have massive effects on all types of important aspects of our lives. Whether we realise it or not at the time, something as simple as whether or not to go for a coffee one morning can change the course of our lives. Now there's a scary thought if ever you had one, right? If you are the type of person who would rather not take the chance, then we can help. If you would rather be fully in the know; if you would rather be in the driving seat of your future and control your own destiny through the decisions you take, then harnessing the power of your hand reading lines could help to unveil exactly what fate has in store for you.
If you have ever pondered what may become of your life, then a palm reading could be the perfect answer to all of your prayers.
Perhaps the best way to think of a palmistry palm reading is with it being a bit like a much more personalised version of a horoscope. But whereas a horoscope simply relies on astrology to provide a basic and generic answer to everyone who happens to share that sign, a palmistry reading can offer you a completely customised and individualised glimpse into your future.
Throughout our lives, there are many decisions that we have to make. Some are unimportant and inconsequential, and some may have more far reaching impacts that you could ever conceive of at the time when you must make the decision. So wouldn't it be nice if you knew a little more about what your future had in store for you? Well, your palm reading lines can give you those answers, and make sure that you know which decisions will prove more important than others. Think about it like this – if you know what the future holds for you, then you can be more effectively prepared to be on the lookout for those decisions which may affect it.
Be in control of your future by predicting it with palmistry online, and you can stay one step ahead of fate.


Fiona Sawyer

Fiona Sawyer

Have been very quiet on this site for a while, but I am back with a vengeance after months of more "hands on" study and research, reading many hands across Brisbane.

I have been at a number of hen's nights and parties, and each occasion has been a wonderful event of real communication.

I'm excited for my forays into Vedic palmistry and at my research into other cultural interpretations of the lines of the hands – from the North American Indians to the Christian mystics.

The deeper I get into the study of the hands the more mind blown I am about the accuracy of what the hands tell us about people's natures.

At the same time I am amazed that so many people have no idea about the special map of life in their hands and some even remain sceptical.

I can't wait to read my next palm, at my upcoming appearance at a wedding.

I am available for any special events so as my calendar is filling up fast, why not book me now for your end of year office party?

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