What do I feel about the energy surrounding …
What should I think about the meaning / lesson of …
What is the underlying circumstance when …
What are the events and situation underlying …
What should I know as regards …
What do I need to know to help me decide on …
What should I need to understand / know about …
What do I need to know to improve my relationship with …
What do I need to know to reconnect with …
How might I improve to be able to …
What should I think about resolving …
How might I be able to advance …
What do I need to know to help me improve …
What do I need to know improve my chances of …
What do I need to know to improve my ability to …
What do I feel in making the transition from … to …
What I do I need to know to find a way to …
What do I need to know to make me understand why …
Can you advise me how to gain insight into …
What do I need to know and understand as regards …?
What is the next step I need to take to help me achieve …?
What can I do to help …?
What might be the obstacles standing in the way of my …?
How might I best overcome the obstacle of …?
What do I need to know and do to be a better …?
Which is the best choice between X and Y …?
What do I need to do to help support myself while …?
Can you give me insight into when is the best time to …?
What do I need to know about Atlantis's fate?

Life Choices and Your Path

My place has getting worst day by day, should I move and go other place?
Who am I?
What should I do about? (Choices centered questions)
What should I do to make me truly happy and free?
How can I move towards this happiness?
What role does my family or friends play?
How can I move on with my life gracefully?
What brings someone to my life issue?
What needs to let go to move forward?
What underlying circumstances did it disappear?
Why did I lose the desired object?
What will be left behind when I move on?
What do I feel about what's missing in my life?
How can I know what my life meant to me?
What I need to know and understand why am I here?
What do I need to know to help me decide which way to go?
What are the pros and cons of my life choices?
How can I make the best possible life decision?



Who should be taking care of my kids when I'm away?
What do I feel about my son's future?
What will I do to make my siblings safe when I'm gone?
What school would it be to enroll my girl?
What should I feed my Children to stay healthy?
What do I need to do when my son is sick?
What pet would be good for my kids?
What can I do to help make my child grow strong?
What can I do to help my kid who is always afraid of people?
I want my child to be smart. Should I take her to an Expert?
My son is bully at early age. What will be his future?
My children are spoiled. What will be there limitations?
How can I improve the possibilities of having a baby?
My kid has been always sick this month, what's happening?


I feel something every now and then. Could it be someone who passed away?
My income is not going up. Is there any way I could somehow earn more?
I have planned to go on a business venture. Is it going to work out?
What are the possibilities of my son taking an exam?
What does my future holds when it comes to love?
How will our relationship grow and move forward?
Will I give birth any time soon?
Who would it possible for me?
On what percent of my life could I ever have a house?
Any possibilities of my wife getting pregnant?
Am I really the father of my wife's kids?
What are the chances having a soul mate?
Is it really true that the world will end?
How possible is world war 3?
How do I know whom will I marry?
I lost my jewelry, where did I place it?
What do I need to earn courage?
Could I totally control my emotions and thoughts?
I am married and have other relationship. Will I abandon my other girl's child?
I have new project. Could I able to complete it?
Should I support the current mayor even if he is my enemy in the election?
What I need to understand of what a mythical being would say?
How to find out what's unexpected?
What's the significance of this new direction?
What have I forgotten in my life's journey?
What are the consequences of the mistake I made?
What circumstance is being confused?
What is the president's reaction of the situation?
What situation is underestimated?
What needs to end to move forward?
What needs to begin to bring hope to my life?
What's hidden and unseen that has impact on my life?
What's causing emotional blockage in the relationship?
What emotions are being silenced?
What do I feel about the gossip being spread?
What to do with what has been lost?
How to interpret what this dream mean?
What does someone truly enjoy?
What's stuck and what to do with it?
How did I develop my strengths?
How do I improve my weaknesses into strengths?
What influence from the past affect today's life?
What celestial cycles are impacting me?
What have I learned to move on with my life?
How am I affecting this person in a positive way?
How can I involve others concerning the chores?
What do I need to know in moving my love life forward?
What should I think about what's trying to come forth in my life?
How do I know the strongest foundation to build upon?
Where am I strongest and what should I do about it?
What should I look out for in this life's journey?
What do I do if anything needs to be done?
What opportunities are growing in my life?
What's softly blowing in my mind?
What is the night trying to say to me?
What is the day trying to say to me?
What should I feel about what's being engineered?
What is the situation being projected in front of me?
What characteristic is being formed?
What should I do with what is being created?
What life lesson do I need to know?
What message is this book trying to tell me?
What wakeup call do I really need?
What messages are the stars telling me?
What impact does this number have in my life?
What is the storm telling me?
What do nature have to tell me for today?
What do the trees have to tell about me?
What do I have to wait for that's coming my way?
How to go about what needs to be identified?
What does the tarot cards have to say about (…?)
What historical lesson do I need to know?
How to assess what needs to be recovered?
What are the boundaries and what should be done about it?
What do I need to find meaning in my life?
What is being reflected in my mind?
What's below the surface that's in store?

Friends and Family and other People

Why should I let my daughter live at home?
What do I feel about going out with X?
What blessings do my friends and loved ones bring to my life?
What do I feel about my relationship with my new friend?
What do I feel about the situation with my sister/brother/husband/friend/mother?
How can I reorganize my desk so that coworker can find my files?
How can I improve the flow of work between my office mate and me?
What shouldn't I do about the situation with my sister/brother/mother/father/spouse?
How might I improve the relationship with my mother-in-law?
What is behind X's drinking problem?
How can I assist X with his drinking problem?
What role do I play in X's drinking problem?
What I need to know to overcome my fear of public speaking?
What do I feel about fostering cooperation concerning the job?
What are they thinking about at this instant?
What's on their mind at this instant?
How can I improve the way people listen when I'm talking?
What is the topic of the conversation we are having now?
What is the topic of the meeting we are having at the moment?
What is the topic of the secret being kept?
What do I feel where society is going?
What do I need to tell somebody today (person)
What strengths can I rely on in this situation?
What does (…..) think of (…?)
How do I know they mean what they say?
What is being changed in the situation?
How do I know what their response be?
What do I feel when I try to communicate and others aren't listening?
I have a bit conversation with my daughter. Will she ever come back to me again?

Recreation / Games

I'm a basketball coach, what are the signs that a player will be doing great in the game today?
My son is playing rugby. Is it possible he'd be injured playing it?
Today is my championship game. An advice would do to help me relax my mind.
Can you help me improve my chances of winning a tournament?
How can I find a way to push on to victory in a tournament?
I want to have a recreation and have fun, what do you think of any sports I could play?