What is Numerology?

Life brings more than just lucky numbers. Fate, destiny, and a more powerful awareness are just a few of the elements at stake. Right down to the very day you were born, a system of numbers is running in the background, dictating different aspects of your life and suppressing others. Numerology gives you a better understanding of your situation. .... A Numerology Reading may have the answers you are looking for. ....

Numerology and the Tarot are close relatives.

Everything is based on numbers or number vibrations.

For a no 1 type person important events will happen to you on the first ,tenth , nineteenth and twenty eighth of any month.

This is especially apparent from March 21 to April 28 and from July 21 to August 28.

You should plan to do important things on these days , especially when they fall on a Sunday , your lucky day.

Your lucky number is 1. Also all numbers which reduce to 1 , like 37 , 19 , 55 etc (when the digits are added).

Your best partners and lovers are those born on a 1 , 2 or 7 day in any month , like 19 , 29 , 16 etc.

From Numerology, if you are born on the 2nd day of any month it shows you are very emotional sensitive and warm hearted.

You crave affection. Musically inclined. Imaginative. Slightly nervous and absent minded but you make friends easily.

Avoid things that depress you and don't be so moody. Try to be more confident.

If you are a four in Numerology you will love nature home family and work. Have set views which you tend to impose on others.

Find it difficult to express feelings. You seem to like occupations connected with products of the earth eg. building textiles agriculture etc.

Your viewpoint in life sometimes causes people to argue with you . But you can't help taking the opposite side.

An unconventional reformer also very loyal and devoted to your family.

You see yourself as a dependable hard worker and a staunch patriot for country.

You're a good friend to have so those close to you realize this and value your friendship.

People respect your opinion and often call upon you for advice.

You get at least one phone call a week from someone seeking your council. ( even sometimes a trivial problem)

The middle number (5) in Numerology is halfway between the (1) and the (9).

So if your Life Path is (5) you should relate to this summary.

The (5) has several meanings. You are daptable versatile you make friends easily.

Crave excitement and like to take risks. Impulsive don't like to be tied down.

Dislike strong ties and some responsibilities. Your image of yourself is 'the adventurer' traveling and mingling in foreign lands.

You need that kind of freedom. People find you exciting to be with , always seeking pleasure sports art music or languages.

However if you are Ruled by the moon's influence you are a very gentle and sincere person with a heart of gold.

Not as strong as you'd like to be or forceful in relationships either. Sometimes restless and feelings of being unsettled.

The Kabbalah is an ancient form of Numerology which some Numerologists use to reveal your future. Another ancient chart depicting symbols and icons from a lost era. ....

The symbolism of numbers provides keen insight into many phases of your life. How will your life play out? Will you find true love at a young age? When will you be most creative? Look for intuition through Numerology related to your name and birth date.

A numerology reading can tell you about your personality from birth, as well as the progression of your life through a series of phases. Through numerology meanings, learn your strengths, talents, obstacles, opportunities, emotions, and your deepest needs to ensure you live your life to the fullest. Arrange a numerology reading now to give you that powerful insight.

About Numerology
Numerology is the field of study related to the symbolism of numbers. Chiefly speaking, numerology is used in order to determine a person's strengths and talents, inner needs, personality, emotional reactions, obstacles, and manner of dealing with other people or situations. Numerology is therefore a very useful area of study, with the potential to help anybody in reaching their goals or dealing with their challenges. It can be used as a penetrating tool with which one could determine their next move, talents and unexplored opportunities. It could also help one gain a much deeper understanding of themselves and those they care about.

The great thing about numerology is that it helps present to you the entire picture about yourself. It reveals to you the diverse segments of your personality and the manner in which they come together in order to form you as a person. This wholistic view of yourself helps put you in an advantageous position by giving you the opportunity to use your strengths to their fullest while avoiding otherwise unforeseen pitfalls.

The History of Numerology
Historians have been able to trace the roots of numerology as far back as 10,000 years to Babylonia and Egypt. Pythagoras, the man who gave us many of the important theorems that today form the basic foundation of modern mathematics, is known to have organised the field of numerology in a formal way in ancient Greece about 2600 years ago. Later, in the beginning of the 20th century, the modern phase of the field of numerology was initiated by an American called L. Dow Balliet. Presently, the 21st century, has witnessed a marked resurgence in the interest garnered by numerology with major growth in publication and research, because of the immense benefits that this filed has to offer.

The Way Numerology Works
Numerology recognises the fact that every object in this universe vibrates at a particular frequency that is unique to itself. If you are able to find out the vibration rate of an object then you could be able to determine the exact energies and qualities that are associated with that object. Numerology helps because through it you can find out about the frequencies of a person. All you need for this is the name and date of birth of the person. This is how a numerological analysis helps provide important information about a person's character and personality.



Sally Faubion

Sally Faubion

Sally Faubion provides people with insight and practical guidance into the future.
In today's complex environment, everyone must identify and understand their issues
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Sally's customized programs and services provide everyone the best in practical guidance
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Readings for individuals are available covering any subject,
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Receive enlightening insights into your children's personalities and your own.

Choose the best time to move, change jobs, or retire.

Sally has been providing insight and guidance through numerology readings for 35 years.

Her personal and group readings combine her unique intuition and expert knowledge of numerology with other metaphysical sciences.

She has read thousands of people and never tires of helping individuals with her special gifts and knowledge.

Sally also enjoys working with the public via group engagements and the media.

She has appeared on many television and radio shows and has been quoted in print media such as.
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Her entertaining lectures and group readings command repeat business from many
well-known clients such as Genentech, Apple, Macy's, the Junior League, and Mirival spa.


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