Psychic Mediums and Benefits of Medium Readings

Mediumship has been practiced by many people centuries ago.

The persons who practiced it are called mediums. These people have psychic abilities which enable them to communicate with dead persons.

It may be impossible for some, but psychic mediums can offer you benefits which you might need when looking for solutions from the past.

In fact, according to experts, they can assist policemen to solve a particular crime which happened a long time ago because they have the abilities to communicate with the murdered victim or give investigators an idea who killed them.

Although their testimonies might not be acceptable in law, they can be helpful as their findings might lead to new clues which can be used as evidences.

Mediums are different from other psychics out there.

Their capabilities to communicate and get information from spirits are the one that draws their line apart from other psychics.

They can provide better advices compared to some psychics as people who seek for loved ones who passed away can give them guidance.

Moreover, they can combine the past, future, and present happenings which can help people make their decisions.

Psychic mediums offer services like medium readings.

Many people who want to keep in touch with their loved ones who passed away must consider medium readings.

It is because they are beneficial in some ways.

Medium readings can help a certain person understand his or her past which would let them make decisions easily in the future.

They can also help the person determine his/her strengths and weaknesses from the past.

Above all, a good and accurate reading can provide people some necessary insights which could give them a much better guidance.

So, whenever you are seeking for a solution or an answer to your question, seeking for a medium can benefit you.

Mediums are the people who are believed that they have the abilities to communicate with dead people and mediumship is the term called for their practice.

They rely on messages which are thought to come from the deceased people.

There are many mediums nowadays.

Some are part of Spiritualist Churches while others offer services to individual clients who wish to keep in touch with their deceased loved ones.

But, how does a psychic medium works?

Psychic mediums work with the use of their perceptions.

They use visualization, some calming techniques, and meditation to slow their physical and mind processes.

As a result, this will change their perception and increase their awareness into a much higher and subtle frequency.

Then, they receive energy signals from the world of spirits and translate the messages of spirits into language as well as offer advices and interpretations.

When it comes to the methods used by mediums to communicate with spirits, there's a variety of methods and tools that helps them receive signals.

They can use crystals, dream analysis, tarot cards, or gems.

Mediums can communicate with the use of clairvoyance which involves the hearing, sight, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

However, some mediums directly go into a trance.

So, how does psychic channelling works?

There are actually two psychic channelling forms and this include induced and spontaneous.

Mediums have no control on the situations in spontaneous channelling.

It often involves falling on some trances.

For some people who does not have any idea about spontaneous channelling, it is one of the first way of channelling which have been used by mediums to channel several spirits.

Induced channelling, on contrary, is using different methods to channel spirits.

But, it may vary as it depends on the psychic.

Mental channelling is also another form of channelling which involves meditation of words, emotions, and thoughts and can be accomplished in many ways like through dreaming and sleeping.

Unlike other psychics, mediums can also see the future and might provide you some details which can solve your problems in the past or present.

They have the abilities to enter into a dimension that enables them to sense or see an event or person from a particular place, realm or time.

According to some experts, their abilities can be similar to a remote control camera that can see different events from the present, past, and the future.

Due to the advancement of technology, there are now mediums who offer services online or via phone.

Their fees may vary depending on the services you availed.

If you will seek for one, make sure that they are real and provide accurate information.

There are different types of mediums.

You have to select the one that would greatly benefit you.

So, if you want to contact your loved ones who passed away, see to it that your hired medium has already years of experiences and will meet your desired needs.

Overall, psychic mediums are individuals that can help you have closure with your deceased loved ones.

Gypsy Maggie Rose

Gypsy Maggie Rose.jpg

I have come to know who I can allow access to, who to allow to walk in and have the use of my bodily functions for short periods of time. During sessions I can channel three or four entities. We each have guardians on many levels.

I have found -
Some have had earth incarnations | Some are pure Spirit | Some are pure energy | Some are colour
Some are vibrations | Some are light beings | Some are intergalactic
However, whoever comes through I find that they gift guidance and confidence to the person in question.
'They' tend to answer questions before they are asked. For myself these sessions take a huge amount of energy

What to expect during a session.
Go in totally open and you will be amazed at the depth of feelings and emotion these sessions can bring up
You will meet the guides you need at the time.
You will receive information on how to prepare for your reading.
This is a unique and special meeting one on one with your guides so prepare like it is an important life event … because it is.

To open the session we will have a brief chat  where I  will outline what may happen and when to ask questions etc.
I will then take a few minutes to prepare the body so the guides can have access and then the channeling begins and continues until the guides decide the body has had enough so to speak.

Your session will have been recorded and emailed to you via the magic of Dropbox.
After this session we can then discuss the event and if I can answer what questions you may have.
 Sessions can vary in time from one and a half to two hours.

Availability is strictly limited due to the preparation time needed and the recovery period.

These are life changing sessions and due to the intensity of the session and the energy it takes to channel, there are few spots available so bookings in advance are required.

There is already a waiting list so please contact via email or phone for session details.


Testimonial -
"I was lucky enough to secure an appointment with Maggie and she had recommended a spirit guide reading for me. I wasn't sure what to expect. Maggie had asked me to write down questions to ask during the reading and I did, but I was overwhelmed as during the reading, Maggie channelled 3 of my guides who actually answered every single question that I had written down before I even had time to speak! I was blown away.

This reading just gave me so much clarity and direction and it re-affirmed that I was on the right life path. People often say, listen to your guides, but I had always had trouble hearing mine until this reading.

I am so grateful to Maggie for doing this reading for me. It has completely helped me to refocus and to feel confident about a lot of areas in my life.

If you are feeling confused and are struggling to hear or feel from your heart....this reading will help you to see your way forward. Thankyou Maggie. Very grateful ."
Jo Ettles


To book a Reading with Gypsy Maggie Rose please pay the booking deposit below.

Then you will be directed to Gypsy Maggie Rose to finalise payment and have your Reading.

If you do not go ahead you are entitled to a full refund of your deposit on request.

To obtain a refund of the booking deposit:

You must email us at

and include email confirmation from your Reader that you did not go ahead.

Pay your $10 deposit here for a Reading with Gypsy Maggie Rose.



Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley is a Professional
Psychic Medium and Healer

Shelley’s beliefs stem from abilities to read and work with energies.

She’s a Reiki master and, on occasion, will use Angel Oracle Cards,
Astrology and Numerology.

Although Mystic Shelley is straight and to-the-point, 
she believes that you deserve the very best.

She is here to empower you along your path.

By choosing Mystic Shelley and her 8 Spirit Guides
advise you on matters of importance for your life,

You are making a choice that will prove to be the best decision to assist you.

Shelley brings light and energy to your situation past,
present and future.

Mystic Shelley is able to assist you with matters such as
romance, money, and career.

Everyone can use true insights into their lives.

Mystic Shelley prides herself on helping clients derive their true path for their lives.

There is never a better time like the present to begin living a balanced and peaceful life.